AV Capabilities

The Garage features extensive built-in state-of-the-art video, audio, and projection technologies, making the space adaptable to a variety of uses. 

Outfitted with Wi-Fi, video projection technologies, a full function DSP system with multiple inputs that enable maximum sound quality, the High-Def. video system is completely matrix able allowing for any source to be routed to any projector.  AV, highlights include:

  • Element 60-500 control console

  • (50) 36 deg source 4 leko @575W

  • (25) 50 deg Source 4 Leko @ 575W

  • 96 Way Dimmer Rack

  • Full function dsp system with multiple inputs

  • multipoint outlet box

  • Audio system is configurable for any room set up

  • Remote audio input points throughout the space

  • completely DSP controlled for optimum sound quality

  • The Hi-Def. complete matrix router

  • Two BlueRay Players installed for local play back.

  • Remote DJ Hook-up interface and DJ input

  • 5 Cordless microphones

  • Ipod docking station


Custom Content

WorldStage can supplement any needs the client may have from wide-screen projection and full 5.1 Surround audio for film screenings, to extensive audio packages for concert series.  

T. 212 713 6666     VENUE. 611 WEST 50TH STREET